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7 Smart Systems

There are several different ways to maximize your workout, your time and to ensure results. Smart Zone Fitness has 7 specially designed fitness approaches allowing you to customize your workout in order to better achieve your personal fitness goals. Each system has it's own function but no matter which one you select, they are each responsible for progressively helping you to reach your desired goal in the Smartest way. 

Smart Start

The Smart Start system is an introductory level of fitness that prepares and conditions the mind and body to undergo a new transformation and establish a strong foundation in order to ensure a maximal workout experience. It works to build muscular endurance, correct muscle imbalances, enhance flexibility, and improve joint stability and posture.

Smart Circuit

The Smart Circuit system is a nonstop fitness approach geared toward improving cardiovascular health, burning calories and increasing muscular endurance. By increasing metabolic demand and decreasing rest intervals, this approach leads to better adherence, increased stamina, weight loss and more efficient blood flow throughout the body.

Smart Split

The Smart Split system is a unique approach that divides your workout into 2 parts: upper and lower extremities. With 1 day designated for the upper body (arms, chest, back and core) and the other for the lower body (core and legs) in an alternating fashion, this approach increases muscular demand and sustainability while providing efficient rest intervals for recovery.

Smart Strength

The Smart Strength system uses the neuromuscular system to recruit muscles to safely and efficiently work together in order to achieve maximal muscle growth and definition. By using one's own bodyweight and resistance exercises, this method helps to maintain a strong foundation and to increase hypertrophy.

Smart Stretch

The Smart Stretch system is a fundamental and highly beneficial way of correcting muscle imbalances and improving extensibility . By using static, active-isolated and dynamic stretching, this method conditions the body and establishes proper length-tension relationships in order to provide wider ranges of motion and improve overall flexibility.

Smart Power

The Smart Power system is for advanced fitness professionals and athletes who have already established a strong foundation, substantial level of fitness and understanding of the entire kinetic chain. By maintaining good posture and body mechanics, this approach challenges endurance, strength, balance, coordination and works toward activating muscles efficiently and explosively to improve rate of force production.

Smart SAQ

The Smart SAQ (Speed, Agility and Quickness) system is a fun and proprioceptively challenging experience fit for those ranging from children to seniors. This program consists of a variety of reactive exercises that stimulate the neuromuscular system, challenge body mechanics and enhances acceleration, deceleration, coordination and overall muscle recruitment.

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